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Soft Skills

Not Being Stressed Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Delivering Value: It’s A Sign That You’re Good At Your Job

I was having a catch up with one of my managees the other week. She’s a new(ish) consultant and something she said reminded me of a big shift in perspective I experienced a couple of years back. What she said prompted me to write this blog post. ‘I’m not stressed, so it feels like I’m …


‘No’ Is An Invoice For Respect: So Stop Being A ‘Yes’ Woman & Reclaim Your Self-Esteem

I was reading ‘The Guilty Feminist’ recently, and among the many absolute gems in the book was the following: ‘No is often an invoice for respect.’ It was one of those ‘aha!’ moments for me – not because I was new to this concept (I had gradually learned this the hard way over the years) …

Soft Skills

Soft Skills Are Superpowers: So Why Aren’t We Giving Them The Stage?

For the past five years, I’ve been gradually building a career in digital marketing. SEO (search engine optimisation) is my specialism, and I continue to work in this profession to this day. While this post focuses on my experiences in this particular industry, I have a sneaky suspicion that what I’m about to touch on …