SEO Explained In 250 Words


A real bugbear of mine in the SEO industry is how we have a wonderful knack of seriously overcomplicating things. It really irritates me, because it makes SEO inaccessible when in actuality it’s not that complicated.

So I’m starting an SEO glossary series that will explain SEO concepts in 250 words or less (wish me luck!)

I thought nothing would be more fitting than starting with SEO itself. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.


SEO in a Nutshell

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. It’s the process of improving a website’s ranking in search engines for relevant queries.


Search Engines

A ‘search engine’ is a website where users enter a search query and are shown a list of relevant web pages that answer that query. Google and Bing are well-known search engines. 

How well a website ranks when a user carries out a search depends on the extent to which the website satisfies a complex set of criteria, known as ranking factors.

One example of a ranking factor is site speed. In other words, how quickly a site loads has a direct impact on how well it can rank.



The ‘optimisation’ part is where we review a website and identify areas that do not satisfy ranking factors. We then provide recommendations on how to improve in these areas.

For example, we might test a website’s site speed and see that it’s slow. We would then identify exactly what is causing the site to be slow, and provide recommendations on how to fix these issues.

There are many ranking factors to consider when improving a site. No single ranking factor is responsible for a strong ranking position, however some are more important than others.

Ultimately, all ranking factors tie into one of the following:

1. Having a website that is easy for search engines to understand

2. Providing users with what they’re searching for

3. Delivering a high quality experience for users


So that’s it! The basics of SEO and what it is, explained in under 250 words. Keep an eye out for other articles in this series to demystify the world of SEO.

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